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It’s BINGO time!  Throughout the month of April we’ve got some fun challenges for you, with prizes including Rogue gift cards, CFWL swag, KILL CLIFF, and a special grand prize to the first one to turn in a completed sheet!  Here are a few links and common questions:

Where is the members Facebook group? What if I don’t have Facebook?
Here’s a link to the members group, just request to join! For the BINGO challenges that require a social media post, find a friend to make your post in the group for you if you don’t have an account.

Where do I submit a review? Here are links to submit reviews on both Google and Facebook.

What’s a goal review and how do I set one up?
We’re all about getting better everyday! This conversation is part of that process, and can help orient you toward your next goal — sessions are about 15 min tops, and you can book yours here.


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