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Beating the winter blues


Beating the winter blues

by Barrett Myers, CrossFit West Lafayette

This past weekend the weather was gorgeous here in Indiana — a gem for late January, 50 and sunny.  Then came Monday with its cold and flurries and cloudy weather, and I was in the dumps.  I didn’t immediately make the connection between the weather and my foul mood, but it didn’t take long.  And I wasn’t alone.

I walked into the gym on Monday evening and was greeted by a group waiting for the 5:30pm class to start, and all of us were missing the sunshine.  What’s interesting to me though is that my day was instantly better by walking into a friendly space and sharing some misery with friends.  All of us were in it together, and somehow that made it just a little more bearable.  They were smiling, so I started smiling too.  Then we got moving, which shifted my attention from “what is wrong with my world” to using my body.

If I would have listened to my mood, I wouldn’t have even shown up.  But I made a commitment to workout a set number of days per week, and then shared that number with a couple close friends.  I knew they would ask if I was on track for the week, so I decided to just show up.  And honestly, it was the best part of my day.  This is how real change happens.  It’s not always glamorous, but I know that in another month or two my mood will probably shift and I’ll be excited to get in the gym each day.  It takes time to build momentum, and sometimes life (including mother nature) isn’t any help on the motivation front.

Here’s to some extra sunshine and mojo in your week.


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