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I’ll start my spotlight narrative back in 2008… A time of big unknowns for me. I was 22 and graduating with a BS from Purdue University while the economy was tanking. With my degree in Construction Management hot off the presses, I didn’t have the typical option of either moving to Indy or Chicago like most of my friends- I had to go where the jobs were. In terms of health, 4 years of college beer drinking and limited intramurals had caught up with me. I had always enjoyed weight lifting from some of my high school football days, but my workouts had very quickly developed into two different days- “Bi’s, Back, run for 45min, and Chest, Tri’s, run for 45min”. I had thought that this boring routine fit my organized checklist-orientated Type A personality quite nicely, but its lack of results just were not at the forefront of my mind.

After graduation, I was lucky enough to land a job in Springfield, Missouri working on state of the art hospital construction projects. My body and health became far worse as the high stress, long days, and remote aspect of my job led too many trips eating out. Springfield also happens to be a test market for restaurant chains and franchises- so I was not in short supply of unhealthy choices. Professionally, I knew I had to do something to get back to the upper mid-west (Chicago or Indy) to be closer to friends and family. With new motivation and the economy finding the bottom, I decided to go get my Master’s degree. With that decision went the little time I had for working out… working 10 hour days and then going to class for 3 hours at night compounded my already poor eating and fitness habits.

Fast forward to 2013…Grad school…check. Successful start to a career…check. Job, place to live, and health….uhh…. I had moved in with a friend in Chicagoland and had started the job hunt. While getting back in touch with my friends, I noticed one very amazing transformation. During my time away my friend Johnny had gone from average health and fitness Joe Schmo to a chiseled, toned, and health conscious rock star athlete. I discovered that this transformation was credited to something called Crossfit. Johnny had described a regimen of community, competition, and variety- things that I might have ignored if it wasn’t for seeing his results in front of me. Unfortunately, I had to get my life together before researching this new ‘fad’ that Johnny seemed to be consumed by.

Then one day I receive a call from a recruiter… I couldn’t believe it… an interview in Lafayette, Indiana… Never did I think I would be back in my old undergrad stomping grounds working at a national firm and developing myself professionally. The move back was a bit strange; driving through campus evoked all kinds of memories and feelings about the 4 years of my life where I had the least amount of responsibility. It was immediately clear that to make living back in West Lafayette work, things needed to be different. My hobbies and priorities could no longer be college girls, beer, and homework… It was time for a major lifestyle change. Enter Crossfit West Lafayette.

After speaking with Pat and watching a WOD as a curious spectator. I started with CFWL on December 12, 2013. Coach Whip led me through the on ramp class and got me off to a great start. Six months later the results speak for themselves. I have lost over 25 pounds, over 4” off my waste, and I can now climb a rope. I say again, I can now climb a rope; a feat that would have been daunting at any other point in my life. But most importantly, I’ve now got a few fellow ‘Townies’ I now call friends.

The aspect of Crossfit I was worried about the most, the variety and daily change in activities and movements, is now the aspect I enjoy most. Every day is a test, a competition, a challenge, and I’m in. Living back in West Lafayette, my hobbies now include Crossfit and all that comes with it: EATING RIGHT, picking my calluses, and sometimes checking the WOD when I briefly wake up around 3am to use the bathroom. Crossfit has upended my downward health spiral and I couldn’t be happier.

I am among other Crossfitters everywhere when they announce: I wish I had started sooner. Thanks CFWL.

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