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Maria-after1-300x200I joined CrossFit West Lafayette one year ago, and I have not regretted the decision for one second.

When I joined, I was at the 200-pound mark on the scale and knew that change needed to happen very soon. The feeling of dread was outweighing the hope I regained after hearing about CrossFit.

I was in a car accident that resulted in my left arm being completely detached from my body. The doctor’s attempt at reattaching my arm was successful but, as expected, I was left with limited range of motion in my elbow and wrist and not able to move fingers at all. Due to the damage that occurred during the accident, my left arm is shorter than my right.

All of that, as well as my lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and general health, contributed to my growing pool of excuses (and fat) that I had been swimming in for years. I was tired of feeling insecure about my body, so I began to avoid photos and mirrors and social gatherings because I was so uncomfortable with the way I looked and felt. I just wanted to be healthy and fit. And I wanted to start making the kinds of changes that would be permanent. The more I began to educate myself on health I began to understand that the change would need to be as much mental as it would be physical. When I walked through the doors of CFWL for the first time, my hands were shaking so badly I was embarrassed to shake hands with the coaches.

I don’t recall most of that first conversation, but I remember the feeling of dread draining from me as we talked. But as they learned of my limitations, and I was told we could modify the workouts as need be, I was assured we would figure it out together. With my membership form in hand, I sat in my car and cried hot tears of relief and hope!

The coaches have continued to consistently and patiently help me find modifications that suit my limitations but allow me to work as hard as the person next to me. In the last 12 months, I have gotten into better shape than I have ever been before – both mentally and physically. At the same time, and equally important, I have gained a community, a safe place where I am challenged and encouraged to do better, go faster and work harder.

For me, CrossFit has inspired persistence and positive change in areas of my life that extend far beyond the Box. I am so grateful for everyone at CrossFit West Lafayette, and I look forward to getting stronger and better together!

A few of my CrossFit Favorites:

-That first 200-meter run

-New faces

-Back squat PR’s

-The GHD machines

-Kristie’s muttered profanities

-Box jumps

I’m so grateful for everyone at CrossFit West Lafayette and I look forward to getting stronger and better together!

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