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Programming update


Programming update

We’ve recently started partnering with Jeremy Jones from Thrivestry for our daily workouts, and below is a brief bio for those interested. Short version: 10 years of programming 7 days a week, with a passion for helping everyday athletes thrive (Thrivestry = thrive + mastery).

If you would like to receive push notifications on the daily WOD, you can download SugarWOD (look it up in the app store).  The WOD should still be posted on the CFWL homepage each evening at 8:30pm (this was broken last week but should be fixed now!).

== About Jeremy Jones (JJ) ==
Previously a Mechanical Engineer and MMA fighter/coach. JJ Co-Founded Diablo CrossFit in 2005 and was the Head Coach and Programming Architect until the end of 2015. He has coached multiple athletes to Individual, Teams and Masters podium finishes at the CrossFit Games (88 appearances total) and was also the head coach for the Grid Team ‘The San Francisco Fire’ for the first two years (with only one loss).

In 2015 he stepped back from coaching and operations at Diablo and coaching competitive athletes to focus on programming for Thrivestry and helping lead people on the path to having an awesome life.

After years of helping the ‘fittest get fitter’, he realized that his passion (and why he got into CrossFit originally in 2004), was to work hard / play hard in the gym, and then go win at life outside of the gym.

The programming tools and philosophies developed over the last 10+ years (over 4000 workouts, programmed, coached, and tracked), are geared for producing sustainable results over the long haul, without risking injury, while still including some fun and variety. It is built around ‘minimum input, maximum results’ for the usual members of the gym trying to fit in fitness around a busy schedule.

“Just wanted to throw something out here – Ive experienced JJ’s program masterminding at work for almost 7 years; having watched and personally experienced the results that have come about across all levels – from newbies, regular gym members, to CrossFit Games podium athletes. The programming hasn’t changed, has remained constant along with the amazing results on all levels. Trust the process :)” = Jessica Taylor @ Benicia CrossFit

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