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Membership Options

Select one of our membership options to start training with us!


  • Includes CrossFit, Open Gym, and Yoga
  • $90 family member add-on
  • $120 for first responders and military personnel

3x per week

  • 13 CrossFit classes per month
  • $90 family member add-on

2x per week

  • 9 CrossFit classes per month
  • $90 family member add-on


  • Includes four 1-1 sessions covering nutrition, conditioning, flexibility, gymnastics, and weightlifting.
  • Two weeks of unlimited classes included following individual sessions.


  • 4 month membership package for unlimited classes, available for purchase in Aug/Sep, Dec/Jan, and April/May.


If you have a home box, been CrossFitting for 6+ months, and happen to be in the area, we’d love to be your temporary home! In order to maintain safety for you and our clients, as well as preserve the flow of the class, we ask that you have at least 6 months experience in CrossFit and/or pre-requisite understanding of all Foundational movements in order to drop into a class. If you are not sure if you have the required movement, please email us and we can discuss the daily workout with you.



Weekly Pass


5 Class Punch Card

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