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The best kind of surprise


The best kind of surprise

Hello CFWL Family!

We are SO excited for this opportunity as we consider CrossFit West Lafayette to be an awesome place not just to grow in fitness and in health together but also in community!  To give you the background on WHY we are honored to be doing this, we want to let you know who we are and our hearts behind this.  Allen and I both have always had an intense passion for fitness/health and people, so taking ownership of CFWL is truly a dream come true in that it is the best of both worlds!  We believe CFWL, as it is, is a wonderful place for us ALL to improve both in our fitness and overall well-being together.  We plan to continue and strive for the excellence that IS CFWL.  We are extremely grateful to Barrett and Joelle for all of their hard work and integrity in helping it to grow in the ways that it has as well as to Pat and Kristin, the prior owners, for laying the foundation of CFWL!

To give you a background on who we are:

We’ve been married for 13 years, together for 17 years, and have 3 amazing children: Blaine (9), Avery (6), and Adaline (16 months).

Allen was born and raised in West Lafayette and attended West Lafayette High School.  He played multiple sports in high school and continued his athletic career at Vincennes University as a pitcher in baseball.  After transferring to and graduating from IUPUI with his Criminal Justice Degree, he started working in 2004 as a Police Officer at Purdue University.  He currently is working as a Lieutenant of Training Operations, which entails overseeing all police instructors and recruitment and creating general training programs for officers and civilians.  He has always been one of the lucky few who’s favorite pastime is working out, especially weight lifting.  Because he missed the competitive aspect of athletics, he trained for powerlifting and then competed in amateur Strongman competitions prior to finding CrossFit.  He previously held a Strength and Conditioning Certification through the International Sports Sciences Association and was certified as a personal trainer, training one-on-one’s in the past.  He’s also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  Allen enjoys strength-related movements such as the olympic and powerlifts.  He loves to help people with technique regarding these types of lifts and to push people to do what they believe they cannot do.  You may catch him complaining about metcons but he’s realized in the past few months by focusing on this, it’s actually quite beneficial!  He loves high energy classes and you may find him being his boisterous (and sometimes obnoxious) self!  😁  He’s most excited to connect with members and to help each person achieve his/her fitness goals!

I (Holly) was born and raised in the country outside of Mulberry (no… not Multucky… Mulberry 😄) where I attended Clinton Prairie High School.  I was a cheerleader in high school and also briefly at University of Indianapolis, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I received a Master of Science in Nursing at Vanderbilt University in 2005 and have been working in a family practice setting as a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2006.  I recently became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  I love how my role as a FNP focuses not just on health promotion and disease prevention but also on a person’s holistic health: physical, psychological, social, spiritual, etc.  This mission is so similar to the mission of CrossFit: “to improve health and fitness through education, research, philanthropy, and advocacy.”  My passion is to educate and empower those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity to positively alter their lifestyle habits by focusing on nutrition and exercise in order to improve health-related outcomes and biometrics.  Other than spending time with friends and family and doing CrossFit, I enjoy reading, camping, being outdoors, and playing the piano.  Prior to CrossFit, I worked out but did so out of obligation, often quickly bored.  My goal is for all people of differing ages and skills, especially those who have counted themselves out as ever possibly being “fit” or “healthy” and for women struggling with self-confidence, to find the unexpected and unwavering passion for fitness that I’ve found at CFWL!

When Allen and I started CrossFit together in August of 2015 after moving into West Lafayette, we both fell in love with the intensity and variety of the workouts as well as the methodology behind it, where there’s never room for boredom and ALWAYS room for improvement (as well as piece of humble pie).  The community is SO uplifting and encouraging!

(Phew!  Thanks for bearing through that with us!)

We know that with change, people often have fears, but we want to reassure you that we have your best interest at heart.  We think the coaches at CFWL are excellent and you can expect to see the same schedule as well as coaches doing what they do best!  We are always open to constructive criticism so that we can provide you all with the best environment for growth!  The Barbell club has already started, and we expect to continue this.  As of October 1, you will find new equipment we have purchased available for use:  a reverse hyper and soft plyo boxes.  (There will be more info to come on the use of these and what they are for).  We greatly look forward to continuing this life and fitness journey with you!

To Health!

~Allen and Holly

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