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The 2018 CFWL Open


The 2018 CFWL Open

The 2018 CrossFit Games Season is here!  If you haven’t heard yet about the CrossFit Open, here’s a quick primer.

Last year at CrossFit West Lafayette, we hosted our first ever intramural open (in tandem with the CrossFit Open) with workouts on Friday nights.  It was a blast!  The 5 week competition is open to everyone, and there are both scaled and Rx options available.  Don’t worry if you are unsure about your ability level.  The scaled workouts are very do-able, and it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and help your team!

Join a team by simply signing up for the Open and choosing “CrossFit West Lafayette” as your affiliate during signup!  Once you have registered, please fill out this form so that we can schedule heats on Friday nights.  Heats and judges will be posted weekly on Wednesdays, and heat times will be finalized on Thursday evenings after the workout is announced.

The first workout will be announced on Thursday, Feb 22 at 8pm (live viewing at CFWL, followed by two of our athletes going head-to-head)!

Team Rosters (sign up for the Open and we’ll add you to a team!)

1 point per team member checking in and completing the workout on Friday (Make sure to fill out this form so that we have your availability)
1 point per team member submitting a score on the CrossFit Games website
1 point per team member finishing in the top 3 men/women Rx’d each week at CFWL
1 point per team member winning highlight of the week (two chosen each week)
5 points (team) – the team with the most noise, pride, and THEME SPIRIT each week will receive 5 bonus points
5 points (team) – the team that wins the weekly bonus challenge (announced on Mondays) will receive 5 bonus points

Themes and Dates:
18.1 (Feb 23): CFWL Pride
18.2 (Mar 2): Team Pride (aka Smells Like Team Spirit)
18.3 (Mar 9): Hawaiian Spring Break
18.4 (Mar 16): St. Patrick’s Day
18.5 (Mar 23): Superhero Night

Get registered!
1. Sign up for the Open at
2. Order a team t-shirt at (due Feb 5)
3. Fill out the form here:

* Sign-in for athletes being validated is required.  If you are on a limited membership and would like additional punches, we are offering a special punch card valid during the Open for an additional 5 visits or 10 visits.  These punch cards may also be used by non-members wishing to test, re-test, or prepare for an Open workout.  5 visit punch card is free for CFWL members with an Open registration, or $25 for non-members.  10 visit punch card is $25 for CFWL members, $50 for non-members.

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