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W.O.D. 10/26/14


W.O.D. 10/26/14

Rest Day

Some “Mental Food” for thought:

Your personal power and self-control hinge on the capacity of your mind to replace negative feelings with positive ones.  You can exercise more control over your feelings by choosing which thoughts to empower and which to ignore.  If it is true that your thoughts generate most of your feelings, then it’s also true that most of your feelings are nothing more than entrenched thoughts.  You have thousands of thoughts that flow in and out of your mind each day, of those there are a few that you choose to empower by concentrating you mind on them over and over again until they ossify and become feelings.  If you tell yourself that you feel “fat,” then you will gradually assume that to be truth.  If you tell yourself that you feel strong, then eventually you will be.  Lastly, your thoughts are conditioned by the thoughts of the people around you, and they will eventually influence your feelings that determine who you are.  At CrossFit West Lafayette we surround ourselves with positive, strong willed, and self determined people because we are all seeking to become the best versions of ourselves, and the community helps keep us on that path!

– Omega, with a little help from Anthony Silard –



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