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W.O.D. 11/5/14


W.O.D. 11/5/14

Warm Up:http:  Run 200 M & Stretch; 25 M Pass if each: high knees, kick butt, grapevine (leading with rt shoulder, then left shoulder 2 passes), bear crawl, backward crab walk (7 minutes, make sure you manage time)

Skill:  C2B Max Reps, 2 attempts. Once on bar cannot drop off bar for reps to count. 1st attempt, drop down and have 60 seconds to get back up to bar for second attempt. Score is total of 2 rounds for max effort.

WOD:  Row 500 M then 5 rounds of 15 KB Swings 53/35 & 10 Goblet Squats with KB in rack position & 10 Ring rows


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